Little Dorothy

Little Dorothy is just 92 years old, but she tells some of the best jokes in the area. She lives in Clairvaux Commons and takes the #5 Indigo Bus to get to town.  If you see her on any bus, ask her to share a new joke with you.  Just so you know, she really does not like getting credit for any jokes, but she is definitely one of a kind!




Karl works in the Produce Department at Giant Eagle in Townfair Plaza.  He seems to always be there working, but if you cannot see him, just listen for a moment and you will hear him.

He is the only individual that I have known that truly “Whistles While He Works.”


Breakfast for Dinner

When I was growing up, there were several different family traditions that just made life more enjoyable and one of them was having “Breakfast for Dinner” on Thursday nights.

As long as I can remember, Mom and Dad had special plans for Thursday night’s dinner. I am the middle child of 5.  I had 2 older sisters and a younger sister and brother.  When we all got home from school, there were normal tasks we had been taught to do over the years.  Some of us helped out in the kitchen putting things away from earlier meals or just basic cleaning.  Others set the table and made sure that all family members had everything they needed to enjoy the meal and offered help to Mom and Dad in the kitchen.

These tasks were not just for Thursdays. They were part of our usual everyday routine but for Thursdays, the best part was the variety of food we might have.  We could have French Toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs, or variations of other egg style dishes.  Since we were Catholic, we could not eat meat on Fridays, so we would also have ham, bacon, and/or sausage.  Any meat was good, knowing that Friday would be fish at all meals.

Mom and Dad also taught us how to cook, so we got to learn many different ways to prepare food for all and these lessons definitely came to be one of many positive tools for my entire life.  I enjoy cooking to this day and love to learn new things and experience new tastes.

I have told this story many times, but once when I was visiting one of my older sisters, I was sharing this specific story with some of her friends regarding having a breakfast meal for dinner on Thursday nights.  While I was telling the story, I could see my sister off in the distance rolling her eyes but she never said anything to me until her friends had left her home.  Come to find out, my sister was embarrassed that I told the story to her friends.  She happens to be six years older than I, and from what she just had to tell me, she really could not believe I did not know the actual reason that Mom and Dad were having breakfast for dinner.

Here is her take on the subject.  In the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, Mom and Dad both worked full time jobs.  In those days, payday was on Fridays.  One had to actually go to the bank, cash a check and then shop for needed items for the following week after they got the cash.

So, the reason we were having Breakfast for Dinner is that the only food left in the refrigerator and cabinets were simple items that would make a type of breakfast meal for the entire family.  In my sister’s opinion, Mom and Dad were broke every Thursday and they did what they could do with what they had.  Her reason for being embarrassed was that she did not want her friends to know that specific type of money issue about or regarding our family.

To this day, my sister is still upset that I share this story with anyone, but I actually think Mom and Dad were ahead of their time.  I am sure, we all know that even McDonald’s and other restaurant chains are serving breakfast not only everyday, but also all day!

No matter what, I can state that while we were growing up, there was not a day that any of us had to starve or go without a meal of some sort.  Mom and Dad worked very hard to keep us going and taught us so many things that have been beneficial to our futures. They were giving individual and I cannot thank them enough for all that they had done throughout my life.


The acronym above is mainly know by members of my family and more specifically by my nieces and nephews.  They have been jokingly instructed to take action if they see me in any of the following situations.

“H” is for hair.  If I ever grow my hair long as I did in the 70’s, they are to just shoot me.

“E” is for escalator.  If they ever see me at the top or bottom of an escalator standing in a position as if I am trying to catch the rhythm of the escalator before I step on, they are to just shoot me.

“M” is for mustache.  If I ever try to grow a pathetic one like I had in the 70’s, they are to just shoot me.

“S” has a double meaning.  If they ever find that I have shit in my pants or I smell like I did, they are to just shoot me.

Besides the four above visual situations, there is one additional request that I have made known to my family.  If at a certain time in my life, I am admitted to a hospital for an extended time period, my main wish is to be on the top floor of that hospital and the window in my room must be able to be opened.

One can figure the rest out on their own.