Plan Ahead for the End of the Year!


If you are looking for a place to keep your buddies after the Year End Holidays, just look for the many Elf Storage Companies in your area!


Michael and Pearl

Michael N. Vaporis is an Attorney at Law and his wife, Pearl S. Berman is a Professor of Psychology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a writer and activist.

Michael’s office is located on the first floor of Penn State Towers, the building I live in and with some of the past negative work issues at my building, he was a very kind individual and helped me out in several ways and also helped me to be productively busy.

Michael and Pearl had several projects at their home and I was up for the challenges of plastering, caulking, priming and painting inside and out.  We all know, that projects in any home are never ending.

Another project was the leaf removal from their rain gutters but while using the garden hose to flush out the gutters, it got caught around the ladder and the ladder fell to the ground.  If it were not for a very nice neighbor, I could have been stuck on the roof for several hours before Michael and/or Pearl came home for the evening.  Since that time, they have invested in all new gutters for their home.

One of the most memorable interactions was when they invited me to join daughters, Rachel and Irene, co-workers and friends for a rare holiday combination.  On November 22, 2013, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving fell on the exact same day.  It was called:  Thanksgivukkah.

Pearl is Jewish and Michael is Greek Orthodox, so I got to learn about Hanukkah and enjoy great food, company and conversation.


Kevin and Laura Kubica


In August 2015, while walking across the parking lot at Regency Mall, I was stopped by these two individuals and asked if I was in the Indiana Gazette Newspaper the day before.  Laura and Kevin were the first people to ask that question.  I was surprised to say the least.

Since that time, they have included me in several activities at their church, had me do some shelf installations at their old home and Kevin had included me a few times for some good Thai lunches in the neighborhood.

They recently moved into a new home they built.  Kevin is busy with his work at Kits Brokerage, they are both busy with their 3 children, and they have lives of their own.  I shall never forget our first meeting and the kindness they have shared with me.

I cannot take credit for the above photograph.  It is from Kevin’s Facebook file!

A Positive Step Forward!

It took over 4 years of saving money for a down payment, but in August, I got a Jeep Patriot.  Just yesterday, I received my vanity plate so there may be additional “positive steps” going forward.

Special thanks to the crew at Tristar Motors.  Zachary Stuck did most of the paperwork, but Shawn O’Barto, sold me the Jeep and literally went an extra mile and a half to not only take me to my bank so I could transfer funds but also to my Allstate agent to work with Gwen Riley and Dave Covato.


When I was applying for my plate, SHUT UP was already taken, so adding the “J” for “John” works for me!  Hope you laugh!


I made a special “gray version” of a plate for the front of the Jeep.