This is actually right here at the Indiana Mall.

If you want to see some other sign, Google “Funny Road Signs”.  I do not know if they are real, but there are some really good ones.



Sean Yoder and James Nestor


Sean Yoder and James Nestor are responsible for the video regarding my life back in August 2015.  At the time, they both worked at the Indiana Gazette Newspaper. 

Since that time, Sean and his girlfriend, Ellen Matis have moved to the State College area.  James and his wife, Beth Anne are still in town and I see them once in awhile at community events.

Thank you both for your interest in my story and for making the video.  I still take each day as it comes.

For the Record!

In May of 2017, I started this blog.  When I told Matt Gaudet, owner of the Gingerbread Man Running Company, he surprised me by putting my blog information on his sign in the window of the store for a week or two.  It was a good laugh for everyone!

Matt has two stores:  One here in Indiana and one in Greensburg.


Carol Connell



Carol works at the Stapleton Library at IUP.  January 5, 2018 is her last day.  She started working in 1970.  I was a Junior that year at IUP, and spent more time in art studios for my Art Major, so I did not know Carol then.

A few years ago, when I returned to the area, I use the Indiana Free Library and the IUP library for computer connection to the world.  When Carol heard a few of my jokes and riddles, she would tell me some “Library Humor” to share with the crew at the Indiana Free Library.  It was a back and forth humor challenge and I was the messenger.  She has many to share but my favorite story from Carol was the following:

She would explain that late at night when the library was closed,  all the books had time to relax and have conversation with one another.  How she heard this actual conversation is still a mystery but this is what she heard.  A Math Book and a History Book were having a conversation and the Math book said to the History book.  “I’ve got problems!”

All the best to you Carol!