In Memory of my brother, Bob!


We all know that the only constant is change.  What we do not know is when major change in our lives hits us as a total surprise.

Thursday October 4th, I received a call from one of my brother’s friend, Justin Mounts and he informed me that Bob was in the hospital and that 2 other friends of Bob would be calling me later that evening after they arrived at the hospital to see him.

I called Bill and Sharron as they had just arrived at the hospital and confirmed that they would call after their visit.  Approximately 30 minutes later, they called to inform me the Bob had died at 8:30 Las Vegas Time, 11:30 Eastern Time.

All night I just could not stop thinking about so many things related to my brother and remembered that the last time I actually saw him was when he visited me last year. 

It was Hockey season, and we went to All Patti’s to watch a Penguins game.  Barb Riley took the above pictures.  I am happy to share them with family and friends.  Bob was 9 years younger than I and he definitely was a very wonderful individual!

My cousin, Tom Smith informed me that Bob was suffering with Endocarditis and Bob never mentioned anything regarding his health to me via E-mail, phone or when he visited me.


Author: shutupjohn8

I am John P. Burkhart and reside in Indiana, Pennsylvania. For over 25 years, I worked in Visual Merchandising and Store Design for different companies across America. The cities include: San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa, Honolulu, Boston, and Richmond. In 2000, I went home to help my parents. For the back story, go to Youtube, type: John Burkhart on the search line and see a video that Sean Yoder and James Nestor at the Indiana Gazette did August 15, 2015. Hope you get a laugh or two when see the video and/or read my blog. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “In Memory of my brother, Bob!”

  1. Good morning, John. I just learned of Bob’s passing this morning. I am so very sorry for your loss and shocked that it took so long for me to find out. We always think we have so much time to get in touch. I hope you don’t mind, I posted a link to this post on my Facebook page so other college friends of Bubba can read it. I’m sure we’ll be spending the day comforting each other with epic stories of shenanigans-past, committed to our memory in only the most flattering of lights. I hope your own stories have brought some comfort to you and your family.

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