Good Memories Regarding Dad

When I was growing up, there were many positive experiences that my Father shared with me regarding owning a home.  The number one lesson is that all projects for the home are never really done and until you start, you will not know the scope of any actual project.  There will always be something that will need attention.  Be sure to do the projects methodically from start to finish.  Short cuts will not help in the long run, so if it takes more time to complete a project, at least it will be done correctly the first time.

On day, I slammed the side door closed at our house, and the glass in the upper part of the door shattered.  Since I did the damage, Dad took the time to teach me how to replace the glass in the door.  After we cleaned out all the broken glass and took the actual measurement of the needed replacement glass, we went to a local store to buy the glass.

Then the process began with inserting the glass, using the special metal triangle clips to hold the glass in the wood frame and caulking the edge of the glass near the wood frame.  After the caulk had time to harden, the actual painting could be done to finish the project.  It took time , I learned a lot and I never slammed the side door shut again!

Many years later when I returned home to help both Mom and Dad, there were several projects that really needed special attention at the house.  Number one was the total redo of the half bath on the first floor located in the kitchen area.  The house was built-in 1902 and the half bath still had dated electrical wiring.  So I removed everything down to the bare floor and studs.

With all that needed to be done, wiring, venting, taping and mudding the sheet rock, sanding, priming and painting, I worked hard to get things back in order in a timely manner.  The 24 hour drying time between the three coats of mud cannot be rushed and code inspections added additional time.  Once in a while, Dad would come and sit in the doorway and ask me questions about the project.  His number one question was how did I know how to do all the different work.

My Dad was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.  He had forgotten all that he had taught me while I was growing up and my 25 plus years working in Retail Visual Merchandising and Store Design.  Be that as it may, when the project was finally completed, he was not happy with one of the final additions.  On the walls to the left and right of the new higher rise toilet, I installed the ADA metal bars to assist one on and/or off the toilet.  He said he did not want to use that bathroom at all.  He was a very proud man but I told his he did not have to use the bars.  They were just there in case someone did need them.


Author: shutupjohn8

I am John P. Burkhart and reside in Indiana, Pennsylvania. For over 25 years, I worked in Visual Merchandising and Store Design for different companies across America. The cities include: San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa, Honolulu, Boston, and Richmond. In 2000, I went home to help my parents. For the back story, go to Youtube, type: John Burkhart on the search line and see a video that Sean Yoder and James Nestor at the Indiana Gazette did August 15, 2015. Hope you get a laugh or two when see the video and/or read my blog. Enjoy!

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