Back in 1973!

The following photo was taken in Indiana for  a “Man on the Street” interview.  It was in the Indiana Gazette Newspaper regarding candid thoughts about the end of the Vietnam war.  The title of the article was:  Cease-Fire Reaction:  Indianians Still Pessimistic On the Indo War.

john low rez

This is what was printed of my interview with Carl Kologie.  There were six other individuals printed in the article.

John Burkhart, Indiana, student —“I don’t think it is real.  We have had too many promises in the last four years from the Nixon administration and I don’t believe it.”  “The part of the statement that upsets me is that these sections of South Vietnam will be controlled by North Vietnamese.  This is not a peace agreement but a political move.” 



Author: shutupjohn8

I am John P. Burkhart and reside in Indiana, Pennsylvania. For over 25 years, I worked in Visual Merchandising and Store Design for different companies across America. The cities include: San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa, Honolulu, Boston, and Richmond. In 2000, I went home to help my parents. For the back story, go to Youtube, type: John Burkhart on the search line and see a video that Sean Yoder and James Nestor at the Indiana Gazette did August 15, 2015. Hope you get a laugh or two when see the video and/or read my blog. Enjoy!

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