A Tilting Gratuity Container

The following is my visual video concept for an introduction of a novelty item that would mainly be interesting to all those that work in the service industry and rely on tips as a portion of their income.  It is a “pinkies’ up” take on a Tipping Jar.

Then I have 2 little stories that relate to the same novelty item for possible humorous use at home for Parents, Partners and Kids.


Years ago, I received a call from my sister asking me to come pick her up at her Country Club Restaurant.  I had known that her family and friends were meeting for a special buffet lunch but until I got there, I had no idea what was really going on.  Now, the video concept!

When I pull up to the valet parking area, I tell the attendant that I will just be picking someone up and will just be a few minutes.  With the attendant’s approval, I enter the restaurant, see my sister, went to her table, and had a few quick questions.

I asked where her kids were.  She said that they have their own lives, and left earlier.  I asked here her husband was, and she said he was stuck somewhere on the 12th Fairway.  I asked where her friends were and she said they made other plans for the day.

The hostess came to the table to give my sister back her charge card and receipt that needed to be signed.  I looked at her and she said that she knows it is better to leave the tip in cash and that she remembered me telling her many different times over the years.  I was glad that she made the comment on her own, but I asked her where “A Tipping Jar” was in the restaurant and she gave me one of those looks.

I knew where we were, who I was talking to, and realized that with her attitude, I needed to be a little more “pinkies’ up” for her sake.  So, I asked where is “A Tilting Gratuity Container”?  She did not have a special look after I asked that question, but she did say, “Shut Up, John!”  I then asked her if she really meant to say, “Be Quiet, John!”  She said no and again said, “Shut Up, John!”

We then both headed out the restaurant door to get in the car and to be sure to give the attendant a tip also!

Second Visual Story:

Mom, Dad and the Kids are just finishing dinner and Mom tells the Kids to quick get into the car.  They all leave to go for a quick trip to the store.  The dining area and kitchen look typical for the end of a family meal.

About an hour later, Mom pulls up to the open garage where Dad is waiting.  Mom has to get back in the house to do her magic, but Dad tells the Kids to stay with him for a few minutes while he unloads the car.

Mom enters the house and finds that Dad has not only cleaned off the table, put everything away, washed the dishes, he has a little surprise on the counter.  It is “A Tilting Gratuity Container.”  Mom starts to have a big grin and when Dad and the Kids come in, she just starts to laugh, and gives Dad a big hug.  The Kids laugh and hug also!

Third Visual Story:

Dad arrives home late one evening and the wife tells him that the kids are waiting for him to tuck them in for the night and that they not only cleaned their room, but they have learned some new big words that they want to tell him about.

Dad enters the Kids’ room and see that the kids are in bed, lights on, and they are waiting for him.  Dad comments about the room looking very neat and clean and asks them what they learned today.  The Kids cannot wait to tell Dad what they learned, so they both are trying to tell him at the same time.  They yell out, “A Tipping Jar” is also “A Tilting Gratuity Container.”  Dad smiles, tells them goodnight and as he leaves the room, on the desk by the door there is “A Tilting Gratuity Container.”  Dad turns off the light, says goodnight and puts some money in the unique container.

After he closes the door, both the Kids use their cell phone light to see what Dad did to their container.  They are quietly happy and start to laugh!






Author: shutupjohn8

I am John P. Burkhart and reside in Indiana, Pennsylvania. For over 25 years, I worked in Visual Merchandising and Store Design for different companies across America. The cities include: San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa, Honolulu, Boston, and Richmond. In 2000, I went home to help my parents. For the back story, go to Youtube, type: John Burkhart on the search line and see a video that Sean Yoder and James Nestor at the Indiana Gazette did August 15, 2015. Hope you get a laugh or two when see the video and/or read my blog. Enjoy!

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