ExpandOS Flowers!

When I had a space to work on different projects.  Here are some examples of the different “flowers” that I have made with the ExpandOS packaging materials.  Many are round flowers using 7 pieces and the others are variations made with 2 pieces for the “flower” and others pieces for the leaves.

If you look up ExpandOS on the internet, you will read about how it is made with recycled materials and has X number of bumps and X number of holes.  I thought it would be a replacement for styrofoam peanuts, but I do not find it around any more.  I guess I was wrong, but I still enjoyed making the “flowers” and being productively busy.





Author: shutupjohn8

My name is John Burkhart and I reside in Indiana, Pennsylvania. For over 25 years, I worked in Visual Merchandising and Store Design for different companies across America. I have lived and worked in San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa, Honolulu, Boston, and Richmond. In 2000, I went home to help my parents. For the back story, go to Youtube, type: John Burkhart on the search line and see a video that Sean Yoder and James Nestor at the Indiana Gazette did over 2 years ago. Be that as it may, in an effort to be/stay productively busy, I was told I should transfer some of my visual and written humor from my apartment walls to a blog. It is all new to me but I hope that you see/read my blog, get a laugh or two and let me know what you think. Looking forward to any and all comments!

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