Paul Novak and Note!


Paul A. Novak is my across the hall neighbor.  He has lived in Penn State Towers for over 10 years.  He works at IRMC in the IT Department and from what I have seen when his door is open, he enjoys growing plants.

When I first moved in 4 years ago, my apartment needed lots of work to be done and I was able to use my past work experiences to make all the positive and necessary improvements.  It took a lot of time and money.

I repaired the walls with tape and mud.  Primed and painted everything with shellac and oil based primers and paint and used the venting system in the kitchen and bathroom to make breathing healthy.

It was not until 7 months had gone by and the actual shower installation was finally being done, did Dave, our maintenance man, noticed that my vents were not connected to the outside venting system.  They were just laying on the ceiling tiles in the hallway and Paul’s apartment.  The corrections were made and Paul did not have to smell any more bad odors from my apartment.

When my apartment was ready for guest, I planned several small parties for my different neighbors from all different floors.  I put a simple note under their doors and just wanted them to call or just come over to have some food and see my apartment finally completed.

Paul, returned his note with an explanation as seen in the following picture.  I am glad I could do something fun for Paul, and his note was and has been the inspiration for all the collections of notes, photos, social comments and my actual interactions with the world on the entry walls of my apartment and now, in my blog.


Things I’ve quit “Cold Turkey”!


Over the past 4 years, I have taken steps to quit bad habits and try to improve my health.  I am not promoting anything but these changes are working for me.

Diet Pepsi:     1 week of headaches.

Absolute Vodka:     Don’t miss it!

Milk:     Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk is better for me.

Wheat:     Had to really read all the package labels.

Butter:     Coconut oil works for me.

Cigarettes:     I no longer smell like a chimney!

PS If I am having guests over, I prepare food in the most traditional ways with all the regular ingredients that I learned from Mom, Dad, and on my own over the years.  Then, I just watch everyone eat!